About World Financial Group

World Financial Group is a financial services marketing company whose associates help families assess their current financial situation and implement solutions to help them achieve a more sound financial future. Our process addresses these six (6) areas:

• Cash Flow
• Debt Management
• Emergency Fund
• Proper Protection
• Asset Accumulation
• Estate Preservation

Our Cause:

Millions of individuals and families across North America have no financial education and are on the brink of financial disaster. They don’t know how to put their money to work for them, or even where to turn for help. Often, because they are afraid or embarrassed, they try to give the appearance that they are doing fine-until it’s too late. Many of your friends and acquaintances are likely in worse financial shape than you realize.

For many people, the challenge is that they simply aren’t earning enough to take care of their basic expenses. Others are drowning in a sea of debt. Some are seeing retirement needs or educational funding looming quickly and they know they aren’t prepared.

At World Financial Group, we have the solutions. We can help people learn how to make more, save more and get out of debt. We have the lifeline we can throw to them to help them pull themselves to safety.


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